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My wife and I made a stop to Sun Studios in Memphis. The electricity and atmosphere in the recording studio where Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, BB King and many others recorded their first singles here.

This is the birth place of rock n roll and another humbling moment in my travels. I love Johnny Cash and to be in the same room where it started for him as an recording artist was incredible.

The recording room has luckily not been touched since Sam Phillips closed down the studio in 1960. So everything you see in the photo (floor tiles, wall tiles, light fittings) was exactly how it was when all those artists recorded there. You can still record at Sun Studios to this day, which is something Bec and I sadly couldn’t do this time round.

This same recording room is the one when one afternoon, completely improved and not formally organised, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis got together and jammed a whole bunch of songs. Luckily an engineer was at the studio at the time and he pressed record on the mixing desk. Thanks to that man, we have recordings of that group dubbed “The Million Dollar Quartet”. What a group.

Top left: Sun Studios outside, new entrance
Top right: The recording room. Need I say more
Bottom left: Reproduction of the original neon light of the original name for Sun Studios.
Bottom right: The original entrance to Sun Studios.


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Dresses, 1920s-70s - By Charlotte Dymock.

1940s jumper dress is a dreeeeeeam


Rita Hayworth, 1940’s

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1970’s interiors, Verner Panton


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